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Yeah, thanks for pointing that out, butthead-san

Mom's gonna kill you, kitteh-san

17 August 1984
Fucking hell, the last time I looked at my profile was two jobs ago. O_o I'm not going to bother updating it; I'll just forget about it until it gets embarrassingly out of date again. At the time of writing this, my journal is updated a lot more frequently than my profile, and I'd like to keep it up so that I've got something to look back on later, but we'll see.

This journal is now friends only. If you'd like to be added to my friends list, feel free to ask, either by replying to the post where my banner is or by sending a private message, but please note that I am far more likely to add you if I've spoken to you or seen you around before (for example in a community or in a friend's journal.)

The "friends only" banner was made from a screencap taken from this post (you can tell I didn't cap it myself, because I hate Kioku Fansubs with the fire of a thousand suns. :P) Feel free to use it, but make sure you credit myself and chochajin.

The name of my blog comes from a line on "Love Hina". This guy and girl who have sort of a love-hate relationship both take off suddenly when they fail their university entrance exams, and their housemates are wondering where they are. Someone says "Kakeochi ni chigai nai" ("They've eloped for sure") and this cool, hyper, food-obsessed girl pipes up and says "Kakeochi umai?" ("Is an elope yummy?") I like that for a line. I actually realised last year that I'd misremembered it and it was actually "Kakeochi wa umai no?" but my version's still linguistically viable, and much catchier. :D

For those on my flist, the Babysitters Club mood themes come from baseballchica03. If you want to gank them, the files are here, but please make sure you credit her.
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